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As a native New Yorker and an American, I am still angered by the cowardly attacks of 9/11. Unless we restore New York City's skyline to its condition prior to September 11th, 2001, the miserable scum who attacked us will have won! Visit and rebuild America!



Please visit to order LOW END. Amazon has the book in stock and there are a variety of certified amazon vendors who are offering the book in new, used, and collectible categories.

If you use the certified amazon vendor PAB Entertainment Group, you will receive an authographed copy plus the CD 'A Guitar Recital' as previously offered on this site.


Barnes & Noble is out of stock as of March 10, 2005, but has used copies available. www.fetchbook,com can direct you to various other vendors for LOW END.


Please email if you have any further questions.



For scholarly transcriptions and free sheet music, click the following link:

The Guitar School - Iceland

The Musician's Mystery Series


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Deep End is the exciting sequel to the first Gary Morrissey novel Low End. Spanning the gap between Haiti, New York and New Orleans, Deep End is an exciting tale of smuggling, rock n' roll, love and murder.


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