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Simply the Greatest Five Part Harmonies Ever!

In early February of 2004 I was pleasantly surprised and delighted to get the following email from a man who grew up in the same Bronx neighborhood as I. He also was the lead guitarist and one of the vocalists in a Bronx-based band of the mid 1960's, The Discords, a band that had a profound affect on my desire to play guitar --and to play rock and roll. Other bands have used the name since then, but these guys were the ones us Bronx kids idolized.

I found your website quite by accident. 53 years of age now and living in Atlanta, GA these past 16 years I was just thinking of people, places and things from my past.

Like you, I grew up in Der Bronx. So one day I was just surfing and I put the name of my oldest childhood friends into a Google search and got a few hits to your website for Larry Silvestro & his younger brother Paul Silvestro. Larry and I probably began our friendship way the hell back in 1957 or so, one year after you were born. We met as first or second graders at P.S. 87 grammar school. (I’m sure you know the place.)

Since you grew up a few doors from the Silvestro household you probably know that by 1964/65 we had a killer local band called The Discords. I lost touch with most everyone from those wonderful days. The 60's and their aftermath took their toll on many of us. But I did keep up somewhat with the twins, Nat & Fred Andreassi (drummer and rhythm guitar player for The Discords.)

Somewhere around April of 2000 Fred asked me how I felt about having a reunion! I said sure, but could we get all the original members together??? It turns out Larry was living in Minneapolis, I was down here in Atlanta but Nat & Fred were still living and playing in Westchester County. The only one missing was our lead singer and keyboard player, Rocky. Well we did find Rocky who was still living in the Bronx and is a cousin of Joe Coz. But Rocky could not find the time to do the rehearsing for the reunion. Solution: We got a hold of Bob Brescia (the lead singer for the second Discords, circa 1968 to 1970 or so) and Ritchie Fiorucci our second keyboard player along with some very good assistance from Jimmy Keneally an old friend of Larry's. Jimmy, Bob and Larry flew in and we did some rehearsing here in my studio. We followed that with some interesting CD's that I made here which fleshed out all the 5-part harmony that was integral to our old sound. After that we all got to Westchester in the middle of August 2000 and spent about a 4 or 5 days in a rehearsal studio to polish up the act. As with all musicians, it was not a totally smooth ride but we hung in there and on August 26th, 2000 we played to old and new friends at a club in Harrison, New York. It was great.

Art Clemente

Well, the story has to be told! The Discords.-- Oh, those first glimpses of a Gretsch Chet Atkins Model! Hagstrom guitars played through old Vox and Fender amps! Couple all that with five part harmonies that just melt in your ears. This is the story of our heroes when us Ely urchins were little kids!

Then and now: In 1965, Art Clemente was a young guitar player living on Ely Avenue in the Bronx. Still a guitar player, not old by a long stretch, here's Art at the 2000 Discord's Reunion. He and my first guitar teacher, Larry Silvestro, united in the Discords, the band with arguably the finest five part harmonies the Bronx has ever heard.

The Discords consisted of Nat & Fred Andreassi (drums and rhythm guitar) Larry Silvestro (bass), Art Clemente (lead guitar) and Rocky (keyboards)--add vocals to everyone's duties, they all sang! Here's a great shot of Larry and Art on the steps of Art's parent's house in the Bronx circa summer of 1964. I first heard The Discords in 1966 when they were in their early rehearsal stages in the Silvestro family basement. I was a childhood chum of Paul Silvestro, Larry's younger brother and we two street urchins would sit outside the basement windows and listen. I was totally hooked by the sight and sound of real electric guitars!

I can still remember vividly the wall of sound that poured from those small rectangular basement windows on hot summer weekend afternoons in the late sixties.

Left to right we see Fred. Art, Nat, Rocky and Larry. They look so young now, but these were the older guys in the neighborhood--gods us mere mortal kids respected and emulated.

But the basement was only a jumping-off point for the boys. These guys were good and were booked into the usual venues of the day--mostly Catholic School dances, but also Country Clubs and colleges in Westchester. Their musical stylings transcended the generational barriers, their Beach Boys covers and collection of tight-harmonied oldies appealed to a wide audience.

The boys are captured here in a playful moment --crossed guitars in the back line. This picture, taken March 10, 1966 at Iona College in New Rochelle.

St. Catherine's was the venue in this picture taken around the same time. Notice the Go-Go dancer in the frame. The Discords had their own dance troupe. Of course, no recount of the Discords Saga would be complete without mention of these lovely ladies.

Carmela, Fernanda, Sandra and Lynda (from left to right, naturally) Remember those days when singing groups--as we called them--and the dancers all wore matching outfits? Photo dated March 10th, 1966. Someone had gotten a camera for his or her birthday!

The Discords play at the Beach Club in New Rochelle. (These pictures remind me so much of the band in 'Horror On Party Beach'-- a great flick by the way,
good old fashioned band playing very early sixties music.)

The Reunion: August 2000

Larry and Fred belt out a tune, just like the old days. Fred sports a Parker guitar instead of the ol' trusty Hagstrom.

Another shot of Larry and Fred. Nat looking regal from the throne with his little Brittney microphone.

Jenny Silvestro, mother of my favorite bass player, seen here with her first-born, Larry. What a great lady! She would always mother all of us--all the while maintaining her sense of humor. We could strain anyone, but Jenny kept her cool...

The Discord ladies were represented at the reunion by Fernanda (seen here between Nat and Fred--obviously)...

...and Carmela seen here with Fred.

Here are the ladies back in the Discord days hamming it up with the boys' instruments.

The Discords--the Bronx Original--circa 1967.

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